St. Francis Business School's Student Support Features

  • St. Francis Business School provides a comprehensive range of student services to enhance and support an excellent career-focused education.  Addressing both the academic and personal needs of students, support services are designed to help students more effective and efficient. Our dedicated staffs are available to help the students and make life and learning easier and enjoyable.  The team provides students with guidance and resources not only for academics but on overall wellbeing including a range of online resources for students.

  • Our highly experienced professionals are dedicated to support all students in achieving academic success as well as an enjoyable campus experience.  We offer a range of workshops, study groups and resources available to help students strengthen their academic skills and personal grooming.   St. Francis Business School actively engages with industry, believing contemporary business and relevant business education are inseparable. Strategic links with the corporate world play a crucial role in all our teaching, research and other engagement activities.

  • The MBA curriculum as well as our case studies, placements, industry-based projects, national & international industry visits, internship and other learning activities are developed with the direct involvement of business and industry.  Studying a Global MBA at SFBS will expose you to the international business environment and ensure you build a professional network that reaches many corners of the globe.  Many students find that our clubs, networking, socializing, and other extracurricular activities enhance their education and lead to lifelong friendships.