Unlike other business schools, that follow the conventional 6- 8 weeks summer internship program, SXB has an exclusive internship archetypal which extends over 2-3 months.

The students become entitled for the IIP only after efficaciously completion of all other courses. Thus for the recruiting company these students have already completed all coursework that is expected from a graduating student. The entire 5th term is fervent to the IIP, after students complete 4 terms on campus.

Perks Of the Industry Internship Program (IIP)

Afford a transitioning channel between theory and practice for the students.

  • Safeguard greater access to the faculty who offer student mentorship & evaluation to make them industry-ready during the internship.
  • Create a longer unite between the faculty and the industry, for evaluating the upshots delivered during the program and to fine tune it to bump into industry necessities.
  • Help falsify strong interactions with the corporate for the institute.
  • Heighten the ‘currency of knowledge’ through faculty assignation with the corporate.

Advances of Industry Internship Program (IIP)

Furthermost of the internships culminate with part time job offers. On the basis of students’ primary choice of company and interested area.

  • The IIP will empower seamless transition of students to industry-ready productive employees.
  • IIP companies will expedite faculty in getting consulting projects and training programs. Also help faculty to develop case studies and research projects.
  • Some of the IIP partners are ‘start-up companies’ that nurture in the SXB Campus and will novice the students.