Master’s in Business Administration is one of the top-notch courses which remains in popular demand among students and young professionals. Here are some essential pointers to get a head start on what is really an MBA degree and what makes this graduate degree stand out among other the counterparts.

  • MBA program is a 2 year full-time program normally, but nowadays many business schools in US and UK offer this in an accelerated manner where it can take approximately 10 to 12 months for completion. Apart from this, part-time and online options are made available for working professionals who are willing to study and work in parallel.
  • Admission to top business schools in India is dependent on the scores of common entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT, IBSAT and some more, which is dependent on national, state or institute level. If students are looking for study abroad options, they should consider the GRE or GMAT exams along with an English proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL to get into top business schools.
  • MBA programs incorporate the core subjects along with other electives based on one’s interests related to the business sector such as accounting, finance, economics, marketing, strategy, operations, entrepreneurship, business laws and HR management.
  • One highlighting feature that makes MBA special is that students can pursue a wide range of specializations under a single umbrella, owing to their interests and passion. Students are encouraged to choose a specialization where they can flourish in that respective domain. Some popular specializations are HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, International Business and more.
  • MBA can be offered in a variety of formats such as\
  1. FULL-TIME MBA – Offered for full-time students with duration from 1 to 2 years.
  2. PART-TIME MBA – Offered for working professionals with duration of 2 years or more as it depends on individual pace.
  3. EXECUTIVE MBA – Offered for experienced working professionals, duration can be 1 to 2 years.
  4. ONLINE MBA – Offered at a remote scope so that working professionals can complete their MBA within 2 years or more, depending on their caliber and pace.
  • The MBA program produces the finest managerial experts into the business field, for which a certain skillset is essential to set a mark for themselves. Some essentials skills any graduate pursuing or completing MBA degree should have is assertive communication, leadership, interpersonal, business acumen, problem solving, strategic thinking, ability to work under pressure and sheer dedication.
  • MBA degree holders or individuals set up for a managerial role are always in constant demand in various industries such as IT, Finance, Transportation, Healthcare, Banking and more. As a result, there remains a diverse range of job options always available for these graduates. Some of the well-known managerial roles popular these days are Project Manager, International business Manager, Operations Manager, Product Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Healthcare Manager, Retail Manager, Engineering/IT Manager and many more.
  • The salary prospects after an MBA degree is extremely rewarding and lucrative. MBA graduates in US normally have an average pay of USD 1, 20,000 to USD 1, 60,000. In India, MBA holders can expect an average salary of 15LPA to 40LPA.
  • The scope of MBA in the coming years is well-beyond expectations and the demand for efficient MBA graduates will rise exponentially. Any organization, irrespective of the size or specialization need good managers always to streamline all the business operations for overall productivity of the organization. Some of the top multinational corporations constantly hiring are Deloitte, Accenture, Amazon, Philips, ITC, Samsung, Cipla, JP Morgan Chase, Nestle and more.
  • Last but not the least, MBA opens up a lot of exciting and rewarding opportunities for passionate people. Along with the aforementioned benefits, MBA places an extreme prestige and honor in one’s professional career and caters to the holistic development of an individual, both on a personal and professional note.

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